I am Elizabeth, and I am a college graduate who aspires to do God’s work as a social worker. I love to read, write, travel, spend time with family and friends, and explore my imagination! I picked the title Painted Sky, because I love to gaze at the sky, and see the sunrise and sunset. A goal of mine is to a sunrise and sunset in every country I visit, to marvel at the perfectly and beautifully blended colors. To me, the sky always look painted or colored with pastels – I am also very artsy.

I have lived in various places, some may say a lot for someone my age. Growing up I lived in the western and southern parts of the US and in Southern Africa. I grew up in a family that loves God and exploring, and my poems and stories reflect that about me. I once told a friend, who wrote an article about me for class, when I handed her my book of poetry, that she was holding a my soul. Because to me that is what poetry is to me – my soul. It is my way to spill my thoughts and ideas and emotions. Thus, I’m very particular what poems I am willing to share and to whom.


Elizabeth Annette


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