Fearful and Awe-Inspiring

I stood overlooking a canyon,
Completely in awe at the wideness
Completely in fear of crossing
How could someone so small,
Face something so big?

God comes up behind,
Speaking in a whisper –
Not a booming voice –
For God is gentle.

You took your first breath
You took your first step
You spoke your first word
You had your first fight with siblings
I was there.

You were small, oh so small,
When you first asked your mother about Me.
You were small, oh so small,
When the water washed over.
I was there.

You were bigger, yet so innocent,
When you left home.
You were bigger, yet so innocent,
When the tassle moved over.
I was there.

When you feel down,
Opportunities falling apart before it begins.
When you feel down,
Loved ones leaving the world of the living.
I was there.

All you need is a first step of faith
Take My hand,
Step over the cliff
You won’t fall
I am there.

There are so many Bible verses about fearing the Lord, and how it brings wisdom and longevity. I have always found that phrase (fear of the Lord) to be a bit difficult to understand and if I am being truly honest, I still do. However, I think this poem speaks what “fear of the Lord,” particularly with the first stanza. The Lord is great and mighty, He is a jealous God, and He can do so much without even thinking. He’s like a canyon or a waterfall or maybe even a hurricane, if I dare to equate God to one in this time, because He can cause damage if He chooses. He is awe-inspiring like a canyon or waterfall (like the Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls), but He can cause storms (like tornados… I probably shouldn’t use hurricanes as an example right…). But God is also a God of grace, of gentleness, so He keeps us close when we honor Him. He sees that we love Him. I believe that “fear of the Lord” means to show God the respect that He deserves, and if we do so then we can walk over canyons (side note: wit would be terrifying, but so awesome!). Fear what God can do, but be in awe of what God can do for you.

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