Life begins
with Your breath in my lungs.
Then, nestled in the warmth of Mom’s arms,
Sleep will overpower
as Your faithful watch prevails.

Tho’ at times our breaths are taken
You snatch it up,
Restoring it to its intended place.

You’re the Giver
I’m the Receiver

Then the light fades,
My lids fall as the distant light grows.
Tho’ my eyes are shut, there’s a beauty
too powerful to be seen by mortal eyes.

In the beginning, You gave me breath.
In the middle, You restored my breath.
In the end, You will be breathtaking.

This poem’s dedication is in two parts. The first part is to us all will find God to be breathtaking when it is our turn to enter the Kingdom. The second part is for our dearly departed loved ones that have had their breaths taken away by our Lord. And, if you so desire, I invite you to comment below those loved ones’ names who were so amazed at the breathtaking beauty of God.

(This part was added on October 21, 2017)

Allow me to start with the list of loved ones who had the breaths taken away by our Lord:
Jim and Ann White

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