Easter 2017

I stood on the hillside of Calvary
Jeers and taunts rang in my ears
Confusion sound in my heart.
Squeezing between people,
Intent on reaching the mountaintop

An ordinary man breathed His last.
Cheers erupt around
Yet a few sporadic cries are heard.
I watched as the man is carried down
I watched another comfort the weeping mother
A lone tear, for this man must have been something.

Three days…

Three days pass with household chores
Three days pass with teasing friends
THree days pass with thoughts on the dead man

I stood at the well;
A woman ran past me
Shouting for joy:
“He is risen!”

I stood at the marketplace;
Loaves of bread brimming over my basket
Eleven men and The Man walked by

“He is risen indeed.”

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