A Mere Kid

I know I am not the brightest,
Nor even the oldest.
You may consider this unworthy of your time
Since I am a mere kid (and you’re so much wiser than I)

But I have visions
and idealisms that fuel my ambitions.
I see a world of peace
And I will not see it cease.

Though there are times that realism shades my eyes
and for that I apologize.
Those times I need reminding of my idealistic view
and set out to do.

Sometimes life throws a curveball
and the curtain falls –
But it doesn’t end until the fat lady sings.
Dust yourself off, spread your wings.

Fly up in the air
Offer to your enemies a prayer.
Offer unity,
Look for a way to find community.

You may ignore these words.
You may deferred.
I’m just a mere kid (and you may be ahead by a couple of lifetimes)
Who have fallen one too many times.

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