My Voice


It’s no secret that politics and I rarely speak

I forget which party is right

And which one is left.


Yet I have something,

Something that’s within me.

I know my belief and I stand by it.


I believe in a world of equality:

Where it doesn’t matter

If your appearance or belief is this or that

All it matters is authenticity


I believe in a world of beauty:

A beauty that only exists because God made it

A beauty that is seen through actions

A beauty that is all around of us


I believe in a world of hope:

A hope that people will do good

A hope for the future generation

A hope that believing is worth it

Confession: I wrote this several nights ago, and it has been sitting in my draft folder for quite some time. It never felt right to post it (ironic as it is about my voice). I am sharing this now, because I believe now (as election day is upon us) is the time to share my voice.

I may not be the loudest one in the room. I may not be the most serious one. I may be the one who is quietly sitting there, agreeing or disagreeing without a fuss… but you know why I do that? I respect others and I listen. I still give my own opinions (although sometimes it takes a while, especially when I get talked over).

You have a voice. Maybe you’re shy, like me, and it is difficult to speak. Maybe you feel like when your conversationalist partner takes a breath, you have to quickly say what’s on your mind before your voice drowned out? That’s okay. Everyone’s voice is different. Some people are born with a great gift of spoken words, while others, such as myself, are born with gift of the written word. Your voice is your weapon. My weapon is writing. I speak through graphite and ink.

Let me conclude this post with a short plea. Election day is upon us, as I previously stated, and I know many people dislike the two primary candidates. Have hope and if not for you, but for the future generation. Think of a child, or two, that you know and think of an ideal world that you wish for him or her. Think of that as you vote. I don’t know many kids, as I still feel like a kid myself, but I know a few (like a nephew and a niece) and I like to think of a world for them. It is one of the ways that helps me decide who to vote for. Lastly, respect the leaders, even if you disagree with them. Pray for guidance for the leaders and the people.

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