Day 365

Today is a day I’ll remember for a long time. Not for a positive reason, because death is rarely a happy occasion. My paternal grandmother passed away a year ago. Although I miss her and it is weird to only say “Granddad…” that I sometimes accidentally say “Grandma.” It is still tough to realized how much I have grown this past year and she was not there to witness it. That I would never be able to see her at Christmas and have her ask me about my study abroad adventures (and me excitedly telling her about it). Nor will she be there when I get married or any other milestones in my life, and I wish those memories could become real. But, you know I am okay cause I know that my grandma is at Home and one day I’ll make my own journey to see her. Until then, I guess have to remember every moment of my life so I can catch her up on the parts she could not physically be there for.

No sight in the kitchen
No sight in the garden
No sight in the house on North College.
It is Day 365 – where are you?

Longing to share news
Longing to hug you
Longing to talk, too.
It is Day 365 – nowhere to be found

Remembering the laughs
Remembering through photographs

Remembering Day 365 means:
“We will meet again.”

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One Response to Day 365

  1. Leslie White says:

    I like this and it brought tears to my eyes

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