I have always considered life to be a book. We face challenges and journey through different places, or events, just like our favorite character does. St. Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” I believe that. When you travel, you acquire cultural experience. You can still add chapters in your life book without traveling, but I find it to be harder. Currently, I am studying abroad in England and I feel myself growing in more ways than I thought was possible. I am only eighteen and I have chapters of joy, death, and some that was of pure confusion. But my study abroad experience has compacted many emotions and lifetime stories in one single chapter. I learned what it is like to fully trust the Lord, being far away from family during change (like a birth of a nephew…), and learning the importance of relationships. This short poem is not the best, but I believe it speaks what I needed to tell (that is if I didn’t just tell everything in this blurb, I’m really bad at blurbs).

Life events are like chapters in a book –
We start with only a slim idea,
We end with a cliffhanger.
Some are long, others are short.

Life is like a book,
Each and everybody have a unique story.
Some chapters begin with confusion
Others are exciting or sorrowful.

No matter the heartbreaks or triumphs,
Those chapters end with a lesson
Reminding you of the previous chapter.
Those cliffhangers don’t seem half as bad

In the meantime, here I am,
Curled in bed
Thanking the One that helped every page turn,
And every stroke of ink.

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One Response to Chapters

  1. Simone says:

    You said it all. Well done.

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