Father, Forgive Them

This week, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We dyed Easter eggs and have a big feast, but do you remember why Christ needed to be resurrected in the first place? It was, is, because of us. Christ died to forgive us for all of our sins. Without further ado, I present my poem Father, Forgive Them.


Stones hurled
Cackles flung forth
Taunts jeered
Souls thick with sin

Sweat and blood mix,
Running down His brow




Whips mark His body,
Marring the flesh
Of the perfect soul;
Followers wept

Not one,
Nor two,
But three nails
Driven into His wrists and feet.

A thief,
Inflicted with same punishment,
Ask for remembrance.
He opened the Kingdom’s Gates
For the thief,
Promising him the heavenly riches

Sunlight fades,
Like water evaporating.
High officials jeered,
Tempting for Him to save Himself

He yelled:

Father, forgive them,




Because they do not know
What they are doing!

Breathing His final one,
Light shone on the sweat
And blood stained body.
Grief came,
He was buried in a tomb
Not disturb for three days

Three days

Three days

Three days

He is risen!
His blood cleansed
The grime of sin
That tied us down,
We are renewed




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One Response to Father, Forgive Them

  1. Ken colson says:

    Keep Writing! You are expressing your thoughts more and more clearly as you continue to put them down. You paint vivid pictures with words. And I imagine expressing those words “on paper” also sorts your emotions as well. Very good work! Thank you.
    Ken and Rhonda

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